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ExperWELL® signed an agreement with KYFCO in Kuwait

About KYF group:

KYF employees, partners and consultants possess highly specialized capabilities, together we form a team, which is capable of presenting, qualifying, promoting and selling various types of products and services to different clients including ministries, national oil companies, private companies, developers and contractors. Over 200 employees are sponsored by KYF working in various projects.

Employees at KYF possess knowledge in various engineering fields as well as marketing, business development and sales across various industries.

Additionally, to better serve its business interests, KYF associates itself with professional experts at various industries to ensure the best presence of its business and principals in Kuwait.

KYF Chairman:

Mr. Khalid Y. Al-Fulaij is Chairman and Founder of KYF, Mr. Mr. Al-Fulaij is a well-known person in the Middle East. Mr. Al-Fulaij was the Chairman & Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) during the 1990’s. Additionally, Mr. Al-Fulaij held and continues to hold many directorate positions in many entities. Mr. Al-Fulaij served as an executive director in different companies operating in the fields of construction, chemicals manufacturing, O&G upstream services, investment and engineering.

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