ONS Exhibition

ExperWELL® is at ONS again!

We love these days where we meet people from many different companies, countries, age groups and backgrounds and we discuss green and sustainable solutions for the oil and gas industry.

Drop by HALL 2, STAND 2354 and we will provide you with answers on green & sustainable solutions for your well’s integrity

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ExperWELL® has succeeded to fix a Packer Leak through CT for one of the operators in the North Sea

We are glad to announce that last month we have successfully fixed a Packer Leak through CT for one of the operators in the North Sea, using our GREEN, environment-friendly resin – ResAmber® . 

The well had several challenges which were considered together with the client and right adjustments to the resin design were made to achieve the goal without any issues.

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ExperWELL® ResAMBER® yard test

ExperWELL®️ AS performed a yard test to determine the maximum flow rate of ResAmber® resin versus pressure through coiled tubing.

The result of the test showed that the resin can be pumped at significantly high pump rates, which can be further increased by manipulating the rheological properties of our resin.

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ExperWELL® awarded funding for 3 years project

We are happy to announce that RD Team of ExperWELL®️ awarded Funding from both Innovation Norway and Research Council of Norway for the project “Green Products for Drilling Wells”. 

This is the 3rd year in the row that RD Team of ExperWELL®️ is awarded the fundings. Thanks for all efforts of your dedicated work!

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ExperWELL® signed an agreement with KYFCO in Kuwait

About KYF group:

KYF employees, partners and consultants possess highly specialized capabilities, together we form a team, which is capable of presenting, qualifying, promoting and selling various types of products and services to different clients including ministries, national oil companies, private companies, developers and contractors. Over 200 employees are sponsored by KYF working in various projects.

Employees at KYF possess knowledge in various engineering fields as well as marketing, business development and sales across various industries.

Additionally, to better serve its business interests, KYF associates itself with professional experts at various industries to ensure the best presence of its business and principals in Kuwait.

KYF Chairman:

Mr. Khalid Y. Al-Fulaij is Chairman and Founder of KYF, Mr. Mr. Al-Fulaij is a well-known person in the Middle East. Mr. Al-Fulaij was the Chairman & Managing Director of Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) during the 1990’s. Additionally, Mr. Al-Fulaij held and continues to hold many directorate positions in many entities. Mr. Al-Fulaij served as an executive director in different companies operating in the fields of construction, chemicals manufacturing, O&G upstream services, investment and engineering.

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ExperWELL® is Proud to Announce: We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

ExperWELL® is proud to be awarded ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate, an international standard that ensures that our Products and Services meet the needs and expectations of our clients through an effective Quality Management System.


ExperWELL® has been developing and implementing the Quality Management System in order to qualify our performance, maintain high-level quality of our products and services. The Certificate is a result of the whole company efforts with the commitment: “ ExperWELL® always does right things at the first time, always ensures products’ quality, always provide good services to our clients that we can be proud of, and always comply with regulations. 


The ISO 9001:2015 Certificate ensure that ExperWELL® have robust, clearly defined processes, procedures and guidelines in place in for all our activities such as R&D, Production, Sales and Services, Risk Management, Lab Test, Quality Control, HSE Compliance, Supply Chain Management and so on.


Therefore, we are certain and proud to state that ExperWELL® integrates the attitude of quality in our daily work and continuously challenges ourselves to improve the Quality Management System to provide our Products and Services which always meet or exceed our clients’ needs and expectations, and always complying with the specifications and regulations.

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ExperWELL® GreenWASH was launched

ExperWELL® GreenWASH is an environment-friendly solution which provides a safe and effective option to clean surface equipment, downhole tools. 

ExperWELL® GreenWASH can also be used to clean equipment, tools contaminated with grease, oil fluid, oil-based or water-based fluids.

ExperWELL® GreenWASH can be used to clean, remove or dissolve wax, asphaltene and scale at the downhole thanks to its controllable viscosity and rheology.

ExperWELL® GreenWASH is classified as a non-dangerous goods and there is no limit for transportation.

. High performing, safe, heavy duty cleaner/washer/dissolver.
. Readily biodegradable, non-toxic, non-bioaccumulative, non-hazardous, non-corrosive.

. Classification: GOLD product

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ResLCM® was launched

ResLCM® is specially designed to be used as a Lost Circulation Material. It can be used to cure any types of Loss, specially beneficial for Severe Loss or Total Loss. Thanks to reworking from natural amber, ResLCM® is an nature-friendly amber product which is very safe to use.

ResLCM® has stable setting time in a wide range of formation temperature. This proprietary property helps eliminate the risks of premature or late setting of other thermosetting resins in lost circulation treatment.

ResLCM® can be designed as a gel or as a hard solid as cement to fit best to your formation characteristic.

ResLCM® can save you from days to weeks of rig time. It gives you a completely different approach compared to traditional LCM products. The lost circulation can be killed in a very short time after ResLCM® arrives.

ResLCM® is significantly more economical to be used as LCM than any other resins on the market.

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ExperWELL® has signed an agreement with Dynamic Energy in Saudi Arabia

ExperWELL® has signed an agreement with Dynamic Energy to promote its products and services in Saudi Arabia.


Established in 2010, Dynamic Energy was conceived as a Saudi Services and Material supplier to both the upstream and downstream sectors of the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Power industries within Saudi Arabia and neighboring Gulf States. 



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ExperWELL® comes to services in Africa

ExperWELL® were awarded tender in Africa for fixing Well Barrier Failure. The project starts immediately and continue until 2021. 

Thanks to Green Products, ExperWELL® long experienced & dedicated Engineer Team and our competitive pricing, ExperWELL® have won the tender over our competitors. The work is to fix the leakages of casing, liner, packer, … of oil and gas wells. 

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