The development of thermal active resin KapRock™ has led to our newest resin, ResAMBER®. Inheriting all the advantages of KapRock™, ResAMBER® is one step further in the product development.

ResAMBER® is a GREEN product, is as safe to use as the liquid soap in your house. The setting process in which the liquid ResAMBER® changes to solid can be controlled to happen in layer by layer, resulting in excellent bonding at each micro-scale level.



• GREEN: ExperWELL® ResAMBER® is safe and convenient for handling without any safety cautions. 
• ExperWELL® ResAMBER® pill can be formulated to have stable setting time in a wide range of formation temperature. 
• Right angle setting: The setting (or curing) process in which the resin changes from liquid phase to solid phase happens in a short time. 
• Controllable setting time: The setting time (the time from the resin exposed to its predefined setting temperature to the time the liquid-to-solid phase changing starts) can be controlled to last from minutes to many hours. 
• Strong but Ductile: The resin exceeds cement in many folds in every aspect, from compressive/tensile strength to the flexibility of the material.

ResAMBER’s properties:

ResAMBER® - Ideal Product for CEMENTING


Have you ever seen a millions year old creature preserved perfectly in amber in a natural museum. If yes, then you know how long our ResAMBER® can last. 

ResAMBER® is designed for eternal well barrier. It exceeds cement in many folds in every aspect, from compressive/tensile strength to the flexibility of the material. It is a strong but ductile material. 

Its unique properties make it ideal to withstand pressure & temperature cycles in the well’s life time, as well as the harsh downhole condition after Plug & Abandonment. 

ResAMBER® can be used as a total replacement of cement. It can be an excellent option for a squeeze material to fix a failed cement job, reaching micro-channel in cement leak far more than what cement can thanks to its low viscosity (as low as 20 cp). It also can act as primary well barriers around casing/liner in the same way cement does but with superior properties.

ResAMBER® offers different solutions for WELL INTERVENTION


Water or Gas Shut Off

Either a thief zone in an injector or an unwanted producing zone in a producer, we have a solution for you. With onsite adjustable density and viscosity, ResAMBER® can seal off near wellbore area or deep in the formation at your choice. 

Sustained Annulus Pressure Treatment

A large portion of wells develop Sustained Annulus Pressure after few years of their life time. ExperWELL® ResAMBER® offers a simple and effective solution to the challenge, Rigless Micro-channel Remediation. 

ResAMBER® can be injected into the annulus, squeezing into the micro-channel which is not feasible to filled with cement. The low viscosity and particle free formula of the resin in this case is highly beneficial. After waiting for the duration of the setting time, the annulus is ready to be pressure tested. 

A high density ResAMBER® pill can be prepared for the job. Immiscible to water and most of annuli fluids, the pill will drop down to the cement top by gravity without being diluted. Surface pressure then can be applied to squeeze the resin into the micro-channel. Pressure test can start after the setting time period.

With this rigless method, ResAMBER® can be used for sealing any types  of leaks such as casing leak, packer leak, liner leak. 


Sealing Leaked Control Line

A leak in control line to the well’s DHSV or a sleeve deep down at the formation depth can compromise the well’s barrier. Leaving the control line leak in the well after P&A offers a leak path to surface for formation fluids, and therefore not allowed. ExperWELL® ResAMBER® can be used to permanently seal off the control line for fixing the barrier of a live well or to prepare for a P&A operation.  

A low viscosity ExperWELL® ResAMBER® pill can be prepared on site. The pill can be pumped through the mm ID control line, several km into the well and seal it off from top to bottom after setting. The pumping can be easily done with a hand-pump and the operation doesn’t take more than a few hours.


ResAMBER® offers excellent bonding with casing, tubing as well as rock formation and solid cement. It tolerates a large amount of contamination without significant change in its physical properties after setting. Extremely low shrinkage, chemical resistance, no hydrolysis and high temperature resistance, ResAMBER® is engineered to last eternally. 

Reservoir P&A

ResAMBER® can be pumped directly through production tubing or through coil tubing thanks to its water immiscible property, low viscosity and large tolerance of contamination. With superior bonding compared to cement and right angle, concise setting process, it gives you the best chance of success in a single treatment. 

P&A barriers in general

ResAMBER® opens the possibility to shorten the plug length based on the many-fold improvement in bonding and mechanical properties compared to cement. That means ResAMBER® can be deployed in any place where cement can be as well as where there is not enough length to put a traditional cement plug.