ExperWELL® provides Green Resin
For Drilling, Well Integrity and P&A

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04 Oct 2021

ExperWELL®️ has successfully fixed a Packer Leak through CT for one of the operators in the North Sea.
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20 July 2021

ExperWELL®️ AS performed a yard test
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17 December 2020

ExperWELL® awarded Funding for a 3-year project

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Our vision is to be the world leader of Green products & services for oil and gas sector Well Integrity Challenges including Lost Circulation Treatment, Cementing, Well Intervention and P&A.

Our mission to provide eternal Well Barriers from innovating, environment-friendly products.


ExperWELL® provides products & services for Oil and Gas Well Integrity Challenges including Permanent Lost Circulation Treatment, Remedial Cementing, Annulus Repair, Casing Pressure Annulus Repair, Casing Leak Repair, Packer Leak, Cement Leak, Water  and Gas Shut Off, Kick Off Plug, Sand  Consolidation, and permanent Plug and Abandonment.


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