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10 APRIL 2019

ExperWELL® signed an agreement with KYFCO 

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03 October 2018

ExperWELL® is Proud to Announce: We are ISO 9001:2015 Certified!

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10 september 2018

ExperWELL® signed an agreement with EMDAD LLC
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ResLCM® is specially designed to be used as a Lost Circulation Material. It can be used to cure any types of Loss, specially beneficial for Severe Loss or Total Loss. Thanks to reworking from natural amber, ResLCM® is a nature-friendly amber product which is very safe to use.

ResLCM® has stable setting time in a wide range of formation temperature. This proprietary property helps eliminate the risks of premature or late setting of other thermosetting resins in lost circulation treatment.

ResLCM® can be designed as a gel or as a hard solid as cement to fit best to your formation characteristic.

ResLCM® can save you from days to weeks of rig time. It gives you a completely different approach compared to traditional LCM products. The lost circulation can be killed in a very short time after ResLCM® arrives.

ResLCM® is significantly more economical to be used as LCM than any other resins on the market.

. Nature-friendly, can be transported as normal goods 
. Stable setting time vs. temperature variation 
. Controllable setting time 
. Right angle setting 
. Adjustable density & rheology 
. Contamination Resistance 
. Easy pumping through drilling BHA, drilling bits and downhole tools 
. Easy to drill through after setting 
. Seal off loss zone permanently


Our mission is to be the world leader of products & services for Lost Circulation Treatment, Well Intervention and P&A in oil and gas industry.

Our mission to provide eternal well barriers from innovating, environment-friendly product.


ExperWELL® provides products & services in oil and gas industry including, but not limited to, permanent solution for lost circulation, remedial cementing, squeezing job, sustained annulus pressure, casing leak, water and gas shutoff, and P&A.


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